Free Hummus Allstars

It's hard to believe the Free Hummus Allstars have been playing for over 30 years! Years ago I wanted to get a band together to play a show at Gene's Beer Garden and we just kept going. Our Christmas Show has become an annual event that has been going on so long I'm not sure when it started. They play on all my releases and I throughly enjoy my nights sharing the stage with the boys.

Kim Monday on bass has also produced and engineered all eight of my releases. He ran Frozen Sound studios for many years recording just about every Morgantown band in the 80's on.  He been with Ardent Fervor and the Zealots, the Duty Brothers, and is currently with the Born Again Hindus. 

Rick Ravenscroft, our drummer, is also a member of the Born Again Hindus. He work with Kim as a  Duty Brother and served as the front man for Cheap and Easy.  He adds lots of percussion to my songs and sings a good bit.

Mark Poole on lead guitar runs Zone 8 recording. Spends most of his time recording bands in and around Morgantown, but also fronts The Phantom Six. He's been in lots of bands through the years including 63 Eyes, Triple Shot, and Moon

Our original guitarist, Speed Fulmer was one of a kind. He's passed on now but played on many of my releases and played live with us for years. Love ya Speed!

We are also joined from time to time with other great musicians. Craig Shields, who plays sax and keyboards for Edwin McCain, will come off his tour and and join us. Todd Steed, a great singer/songwriter from the Suns of Sphere will come up from Knoxville for a show one in awhile. James Key will come over from Washington, DC to play mandolin. Mike Furbee from Ohio will add fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki, and even penny whistle to tracks. 

Also Marc Musser will sometimes join me on guitar for some Frederick shows. These duo shows are not to be missed.